Ubisoft Flying The Division Players Out to Sweden to Help With Patch 1.4

It seems that Ubisoft is pretty darn serious about improving The Division for its players. On Thursday, the developer announced that it was delaying upcoming expansionsSurvival and Last Stand – to focus on the game’s core experience and tackle lingering issues. Now, the developer wants to fly out select players from its community to Sweden where they’ll help the team with Patch 1.4. Over on its forums, the developer wrote:

In two weeks, we’ll be bringing people from the community to Massive in order to help make Patch 1.4 as valuable to our players as possible. This type of direct interaction between us on the development side and those of you that are out saving New York in The Division every day is definitely one of the key ways to improve the experience for all players. With that said, consider this a call for submissions; we’re looking for anyone within the community that wants to be a part of critical workshops and discussions at Massive in Malmö, Sweden. You don’t need to be a world famous YouTuber, gigantic streamer or podcast hero to be involved in this conversation either! If you play The Division, are willing to join us for a couple of days at Massive and are keen to speak up then we want to hear from you.

You’ll need to be available from September 7th – 9th

We’ll pay for the flights, hotel and food

You read the last part right. You don’t need to be a famous YouTuber or streamer, and all expenses are covered. Registrations are open now so head over here if you’re interested.

[Source: Ubisoft]