New Batman Arkham VR Trailer from Rocksteady Shows What It’s Like to Don the Cowl

Rocksteady has released a new trailer showing exactly how players can be the Batman in their upcoming VR experience, Batman Arkham VR. The VR title is a brand new story set in the world of the Batman Arkham games created exclusively for PlayStation VR. As you can see from the video above, players will have to literally don the cowl of the caped crusader, collect his weapons, and solve a mystery the only way the Batman can. Thanks to the VR tech, it appears to be the next closest thing to becoming the Dark Knight himself. 

Sony Interactive Content Producer Corey Brotherson was sent to Rocksteady to check it out for this video, and here is a sample of how he described the experience:

Between taking a look around Wayne Manor and the Batcave, suiting up, testing Bruce Wayne’s high tech equipment, and investigating a fresh crime scene, it truly felt like stepping into the grimy and acclaimed Arkham-verse — using Bats’ brain rather than brawn to investigate the very personal cerebral playground rarely explored in games starring the World’s Greatest Detective.

Batman Arkham VR will release this October, along with PlayStation VR. No prior experience with the Batman Arkham games is required.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]