Here’s the Dog Tag You Can Unlock By Playing the Battlefield 1 Open Beta

As mentioned previously, by playing the Battlefield 1 Open Beta you’ll have a chance to unlock the Beta Dog Tag (above) in Battlefield 1 when it releases on October 21. To do this, you’ll need to rank up to level 15 and play on four different days.

Currently, the Open Beta allows you to play the Conquest and Rush modes on the Sinai Desert Map. In response to whether more maps would be added to the beta, DICE said, “Only the Sinai Desert map will be available.”

You can download the Open Beta from the PlayStation Store and track your in-game progress and stats through the Battlefield Career Page. For some beta tips, head over here.

If you were unable to play the Battlefield 1 Open Beta, or any other EA games yesterday, it’s because EA experienced a network-wide outage. According to EA Support, the downtime lasted for a total of nine hours. Asked if the beta will be extended due to the outage (it’s expected to end on September 8), DICE said, “We don’t have any details on that. If it is, we’ll make an announcement on our official channels.”

What do you think of the beta so far?

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