Madden NFL 17 Update 1.03 for PS4 & Xbox One Fixes Run/Pass Tell Glitch & More

Reportedly a 4.8GB download on PlayStation 4 and a 368MB download on Xbox One, Madden NFL 17 update 1.03 is now live. As you can see in the patch notes compiled by Operation Sports and members of the development team, the update includes a fix for the run/pass tell glitch and more:

  • Pre-snap glitch where you could tell a pass/run by whether the receivers had a name listed or not
  • Fixed a bug with prematurely showed incoming rookie ratings in franchise mode
  • White against white jerseys appearing in Head to Head games
  • Freezing and fumble frequency during MUT Solos should be fixed
  • The Force Defender was tuned to lower effectiveness on outside runs
  • Blocker occasionally not blocking in the hurry up offense
  • Strip Tackle attempts by the CPU were reduced (Percentages were tuned in recent Gameplay Tuner)
  • A desync issue with Play Action passes where the QB would either lose passing icons or could not move has been fixed. This fix should also affect CPU QBs not scrambling.
  • Defenders will now slow down when their stamina is depleted

Released last week (our review), Madden NFL 17’s first week stats saw a 44% user and 36% CPU 3rd down conversion percentage (NFL average is 39%), while users scored 24 points per game and the CPU scored 15 points per game (NFL average is 22.4). Additionally, users had 2.1 sacks per game and the CPU had 1.35 sacks per game (NFL average is 2.25).

What do you think of this year’s Madden?

[Source: Operation Sports, Rex Dickson (Twitter 1, 2, 3, 4), Clint Oldenburg (Twitter)]

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