Report: Survey Sent Out by Ubisoft Hints at Rainbow Six Siege Second Season Pass

Still playing Rainbow Six Siege? Want more premium content for it? If you said yes just now, you just might be getting your wish. It seems Ubisoft has sent select Rainbow Six Siege players a survey recently asking what they’d want to see in a “future Season Pass.”

Not only that, but the survey asks players to rank which items in the list is the most important to them which include uniforms, monthly skin subscription, and more exclusive customization items. You can check a screengrab of the survey below.


Bear in mind that this is not a confirmation that a second Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass is going to happen. Heck, Rainbow Six Siege Community Manager Craig Robinson hopped on the very same Reddit thread stating, This survey could be used to generate more information on our player base for future titles as well. Let’s keep things in perspective.” 

However, if Ubisoft does indeed release Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass 2, it would make sense given that the game is more popular now than it was at launch.

Rainbow Six Siege’s next premium DLC drop will be Japanese-themed, and is set to be out this October.

[Source: Rainbow 6 Subreddit via Videogamer]