Battlefield 1 Beta Update 1.01 Rolls Out

While the Battlefield 1 beta is scheduled to be taken offline tomorrow, it seems DICE has rolled out a Battlefield 1 beta update that should affect gameplay a fair bit. It rolls in at 141.1MB in size.

While the official update history on the PS4 only notes “bug fixes,” the folks over at Reddit mentions that not only does it add two tanks now spawn at Alpha in Conquest, but that all weapons and class equipment have been unlocked as well regardless of your what rank your class is. 

This isn’t the first Battlefield 1 beta update DICE has rolled out, as the studio has released a patch that disables the timer on Conquest and instead ends when a side reaches 300 points. 

For more on Battlefield 1, don’t forget to check out our hands-on impressions of the beta to see what we make of it, there’s also the leaked map list that gives us a brief glimpse of each map that’ll be available at launch. Finally, the video above lists down the top five things we want DICE to change in the Battlefield 1 beta for the final game.

Have you downloaded the Battlefield 1 beta update? Did you notice anything new aside from the stuff we mentioned above?

[Source: Battlefield 1 Subreddit]

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