BioWare Saving the Big Mass Effect: Andromeda Announcements for N7 Day

November 7th charmingly marks N7 Day for Mass Effect fans, a day where Mass Effect fans usually discuss their favorite moments from the franchise all over the interwebs. Developer BioWare usually hosts giveaways and as dredges up fond memories from the games as a way to celebrate. N7 is an elite program in the Alliance military, and Commander Shepard wore the N7 logo on her armor throughout the entire game. November 7th works as Mass Effect day for, well, obvious ties to the N7 logo. This N7 day BioWare has plans to reveal a bit more about the highly anticipated Mass Effect: Andromeda

Sony teased a small bit of gameplay at their PlayStation meeting this afternoon, but BioWare is saving the best for their own cherished day.

New trailer and real information coming in just 60 days. The Mass Effect hype is practically palpable.

[Source: Mass Effect (Twitter)]