Resident Evil VII’s Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Swedish retailer Disc Shop has unveiled the pre-order bonuses for Resident Evil VII, which all appear to be in-game items.

Anyone who pre-orders the game will receive four different Survival Packs containing consumables and coins. Since Capcom has not yet formally announced any pre-order incentives, we do not know what the coins are for at this time. The Survival Packs include the following, as gathered from Disc Shop’s info:

  • Recovery Set – Health consumables and a gold coin
  • Handgun Set – Ammunition and a silver coin
  • Burner Set – Gas cans, fire starters, and a bronze coin
  • Chem Fluid Set – Health consumables, a bag of Chem Fluid, and a copper coin

Resident Evil 7 Pre order bonus

Many are assuming that zombie-burning has returned to Resident Evil thanks to the Burner Set. Something is getting burned, and I doubt it’s just a simple campfire. I just hope that Capcom doesn’t decide to split up the incentives across retailers in the US. It’s a horrendous possibility, and one that is a bit scarier than anything Resident Evil VII can dish out.

Resident Evil VII will release on January 24, 2017.

[Source: Disc Shop via]