Assetto Corsa Is Getting an Update Later This Month to Fix Bugs, Add New Features

Kunos Simulazioni, the Italian developer behind racing simulator Assetto Corsa, has announced that their recent PlayStation 4 release will be getting a pretty sizable update. Coming “later this month,” the update will fix several issues that critics and users have complained about in the console version of the racing game. Several technical issues will be addressed as Assetto Corsa will now run at a “smoother” framerate, and screen tearing issues will be no more. The game will also get enhanced support with several Thrustmaster devices (the T80, T100 and TH8) as their shifter functionality has been improved.

Most interestingly, the game will be getting two new difficulty levels, one on each side of the coin. A new “Very Easy” option will help new drivers get into the game more easily, and a “Very Hard” option should challenge even the most veteran players. The driving AI has also been re-balanced “in response to community feedback.” 

Kunos Simulazioni also took time to thank their community “for their incredible enthusiasm, passion and patience.” They also assured unhappy owners that the current update is “just the start” and that they “intend on building on these foundations, going forward.”

It’s always great to see a developer continue to support their game past launch, and that Kunos Simulazioni has clearly listened to feedback about the console versions. It looks like a much better version of the game will be available “later this month,” and will only improve from there on out. That’s not surprising considering how many iterations the game has gone through on PC, so it’s great to see that a flawed game will realize more of its potential.

Are you looking forward to the additional difficulty settings and fixes?

(Source: Assetto Corsa, via Team VVV)