Oceanhorn vita

Oceanhorn Going to Vita, Unsure Exactly When

Publisher FDG Entertainment announced that the Legend of Zelda-inspired game, Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas, will sail to Vita. Unfortunately, we don’t know when just yet. All we have is the following tweet from the publisher.

Thank you all for voting to port #Oceanhorn to #PSVita ! Here’s our response – we think a picture is worth a thousand words 😉

The photo referenced in the tweet is the same one at the top of this news post. 

Oceanhorn released on September 7, 2016 for PlayStation 4, but was originally released in 2013 for iOS devices. Tyler reviewed the title on PlayStation 4, and he found it to be rather lacking and little more than a direct rip-off of The Legend of Zelda.

If anyone is looking for fresh ideas they won’t find them here. This is very much a top-down Zelda game with nothing new to offer. Even its aesthetic and world feels ripped from Wind Waker, as it has the player sail from island to island in a red boat. Without any original ideas to hang its hat on, Oceanhorn has to rely on how good of an imitation it is of one of gaming’s greatest series.

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