Destiny: Rise of Iron Raid Trailer Gets You Ready for Today’s Launch

At 10am PT/1pm ET today, Bungie will activate the Wrath of the Machine Raid in Destiny: Rise of Iron, kicking off the race to see which group of six can complete it first. You can see a preview of what to expect in the above trailer.

“You may have earned your title of “Iron Lord,” but the Devil Splicers are still a threat,” Bungie says. “It’s time to infiltrate their stronghold in force. Ready your Fireteams. Equip your most powerful Weapons and Gear. Raiding time has come again.”

As part of their latest weekly update, Bungie also revealed that Rise of Iron has already seen millions of players, and many players have already finished the campaign.

Here’s some of the issues Bungie is aware of and investigating:

  • Destiny The Collection Upgrade – Working with our platform partners, we believe that we have resolved an issue which was preventing some players from being able to purchase the Destiny – The Collection Upgrade. If you continue to encounter this issue, please report it here.
  • Spike Grenades – We are investigating player reports that describe the Void Spike Grenade as inconsistently applying damage when attached to some surfaces.
  • The Abomination Heist Strike Rewards – The Abomination Heist Strike is currently dropping rewards below intended Light. We are investigating.
  • Waypoint over Tower in the Director – Players who have unlocked the Thorn Exotic Hand Cannon from Year 1 will see a waypoint above the Tower when in Orbit. Upon landing in the Tower, this waypoint will disappear.
  • Destiny: Rise of Iron Grimoire – Players may lose Grimoire Cards earned in Destiny: Rise of Iron if the Character on which the card was earned is deleted. As always, please exercise caution when deleting Characters or dismantling gear.
  • Console Licenses – Lastly, if you are encountering an issue with a license purchased from a console marketplace, your first troubleshooting step should always be to restore your platform licenses. Instructions on how to accomplish this can be found here. If that does not resolve your issue, please consult your platform support for further assistance.

Next week, Bungie will reveal exactly when Iron Banner and Trials of Osirisare to return. According to their homepage, Trials of Osiris will next run from September 30 to October 3.

If you’re undecided about Rise of Iron, you can read our review in progress over here.

Will you be playing the Raid today?

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