Titanfall 2 Level Cap Revealed, Titan Ejection Height to Be the Same as TF1

During our latest chat with Respawn regarding Titanfall 2, we asked about the game’s level cap, which we didn’t get a straight answer to. If you’re still curious to what the Titanfall 2 level cap is, we finally know now!

Over on the Titanfall 2 subreddit, Respawn employee “Scriptacus” has confirmed that the Titanfall 2 level cap for Pilots will be at 50, with max “gen” (Titanfall’s term for Prestige) is at 10, but added that it (max gen) will most likely increase as time goes on.

Pilot max level is 50. Max gen for Pilots is 10 at launch, and will likely increase as time goes on.

Max gen for everything else is unlimited.

Additionally, Scriptacus has confirmed that “genning” won’t mean that you need to unlock weapons and equipment you’ve already earned, and that players can expect new camo, Titan nose art, and other stuff for hitting gens.

Does weapon progress carry over between pilot gens? Im assuming they will be level gated again, but once they are unlocked again, is it right where we left off?

Yes and yes

Oh and if you spend currency to unlock stuff early, is that permanent, or only for that specific gen?


Weapons, Titans, and Factions all gen up a bit differently than your main identity. They do so automatically, but they don’t lose any progress when they gen, instead they unlock new camo, nose art, advocate gifts, etc… Leveling these contributes to leveling you pilot, and we didn’t want to punish players for having/using a favorite weapon, etc… so we opted not to reset unlocked weapon attachments, Titan kits, etc…

Regeneration and leveling is TF2 differs from TF1 in a number of ways.

The short(ish) version of Pilot genning is this; we want all players to gen, and how quickly you choose to do so is up to you. Anything you purchase with the in-game currency (no, you can’t get this with real money) remains unlocked after your Pilot gens, and because you continue to build currency even at max level, you’ll eventually be able to purchase your favorite weapons, abilities, etc… which should make the process a little less intimidating. It also means that with each gen, you start with a little more of your equipment unlocked at the start. In TF2 gens are no longer gated by challenges; rather than being a bundle of challenges that allow you to gen (and award a single gen icon) these challenges now award unique camo patterns, banners and callsigns. Gens themselves have their own set of rewards.

In a separate Titanfall 2 subreddit thread, Scriptacus also confirmed that the Titan ejection height was bugged in the capture event, and that it will be the same as in the first Titanfall at release.

Eject height wasn’t “nerfed”. There was a bug that still existed in the tech test build that caused the eject height to be scaled incorrectly when compensating for the changes to player gravity (specifically, the height was incorrectly scaled by the gravity scalar, instead of the square root of the gravity scaler). This bug has since been fixed.

That does include the PC footage. That said, there could be a similar bug with air strafe… I’ll check it out. Fortunately, if there is an issue it’s a server side hotfix.


Most have been good changes so far, no? Stay tuned later this week for our post listing down every class, weapon, grenade, kit and whatever unlockable there is in Titanfall 2.

[Source: Titanfall 2 Subreddit]