Dontnod Explains Vampyr’s Combat System, Includes Impaling Enemies and Draining Blood

When players step into the shoes of Vampyr‘s Jonathan Reid in 1918 London, they’ll have a variety of violent combat tactics at their disposal, ranging from “impaling enemies on a spike” to “draining them of blood at a distance.” As Dontnod explains, the vampire doctor’s Blood Gauge fills during combat, enabling him to unleash powerful attacks. The developer further wrote:

A nonlinear skill tree will unlock through experience gained and will open up more powerful attacks and abilities. Jonathan is able to equip these abilities in any order, effectively allowing you to create your own archetypes to match your play style. Play aggressively and deal greater damage, or more securely, focusing on crowd-control and keeping enemies at bay.

Skills can be evolved two different ways. For example, Spring, a skill that allows you to rush instantly to a distant enemy, can be developed to either deal area-of-effect damage or grant temporary invincibility.

Combat difficulty will depend on players’ in-game choices. You can choose to feed on civilians for an XP boost, for example, and make combat easier. However, that doesn’t come without its costs, which includes more dangerous streets and narrative consequences.

Players who don’t wish to engage with the enemy can avoid combat by utilizing the doctor’s “vampire speed and agility.”

Vampyr releases in 2017 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.