Three-Player Co-Op Brawler, Viking Squad, Coming to PS4 Next Week

Slick Entertainment has announced that its three-player arcade brawler, Viking Squad, is coming to the PlayStation 4 next week. You can check out a launch trailer above, and a description below.

Grab your trusty sword, strap on a fearsome helmet, and plunge into the chaotic fray of Viking Squad! As a member of this ragtag group you must put a stop to the wildly mischievous Loki and reopen the gates to Valhalla. Work together to unleash massive attacks on foes and expand your arsenal in this three player co-op brawler.

Players can choose from among four characters, each of which has its own play style and specializes in a different weapon. Additionally, each weapon grants players access to different special attacks so who you choose depends on your play style.

Expect “tight controls, fast and frenetic gameplay, a difficulty you can test your skills against, and a fun cast of characters,” says Slick.

Viking Squad releases on Tuesday, October 4.

[Source: PlayStation]