Final Fantasy VII Remake Battle System Aspects “In the Middle of” Being Elevated up to Finished Quality

October 12, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

Final Fantasy VII Remake 02 555x328

Speaking with Dengeki PlayStation (via Nova Crystallis) recently, Final Fantasy VII Remake Director Tetsuya Nomura hinted at something being planned for 2017 – the 20-year anniversary of the original Final Fantasy VII release. Before that happens though, Square Enix needs to get through a busy next few months, which sees the releases of World of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XV, and Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8.

Nomura also touched on the battle system in the remake, saying, “The battle system in Final Fantasy VII Remake is also vastly different, so I think we need to communicate very clearly just how exactly battles will work. We’re currently in the middle of elevating various aspects up to finished quality.” To all the people asking for an Active Time Battle system, he added that he’s working on a battle system traditional fans of the series can enjoy.

As for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8, Nomura reiterated that it will support the PS4 Pro with 4K resolution.

We don’t know when the first part of the Final Fantasy VII remake will be released, but Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 is out on January 24, 2017.

Back in late September, Nomura said they were working on voice recording for both Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy VII Remake. Expect more details on KH3 next year.

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