Videos Show How to Clean the PlayStation VR Light Shield & Lens

October 13, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

Sony’s already shown off how to hook up your PlayStation VR headset to your PlayStation 4, and now they’re showing you how to clean it. In a pair of new videos, you can see how to properly clean the light shield (above) and lens (below).

For the light shield, you need to slowly remove the fasteners one at a time, work your away around the light shield to remove it, then hand wash it in warm water (don’t use a dishwasher), thoroughly dry it, and re-attach it to the headset.

For the lens, Sony says, “Only clean the lenses using a microfiber cloth that is dry and lint-free, like the one that’s included with PlayStation VR. Keep your lenses clean for the best PlayStation VR experience!” During the video, they stress that you don’t use water or any cleaning solvents.

In the PlayStation VR Care and Maintenance FAQ, Sony says you shouldn’t do the following: leave the headset in direct sunlight as it may damage the lenses, hold the headset by the scope (the section that goes over your eyes) or the cable, or disconnect the VR headset from the processor unit if any of the blue tracking lights are on as this may cause a malfunction – switch it off first using the in-line remote power button instead.

As for the Processor unit, it may be in danger of overheating if the indicator light on the processor unit is flashing red, the fan is making a loud noise, or you see a message related to overheating on screen. To help reduce overheating, place the Processor unit in a well ventilated area, keep it free from dust, keep it away from other devices that get warm, and, if it does overheat or you get an overheating warning, turn it and the PS4 off for about 30 minutes.

To learn more about the lights on the Processor unit, head over here. If you’re having trouble with PlayStation VR, Sony offers up some troubleshooting tips over here.

[Source: PlayStation Support]