The Last Guardian Has Finally Gone Gold, According to Sony Producer

Today, Jun Yoshino, a Sony Interactive Entertainment Producer on International Software Development team working on The Last Guardian, tweeted that the title has finally gone gold, meaning development is complete. Yoshino has since deleted the tweet, but not before Guerrilla Games responded (in an also now deleted tweet) by saying, “Congrats!”

Assuming The Last Guardian truly did go gold today, it’s possible Yoshino simply tweeted the announcement too early and Sony is planning on doing a separate post about the game going gold. If they do, we’ll let you know.

The Last Guardian was previously supposed to release next week on October 25, but it was delayed to December 6 because Sony wants to “deliver the most polished experience possible for our fans who have supported us for so long.”

You can see 20 minutes of The Last Guardian gameplay over here, with the details from the ESRB rating over here.

[Source: Jun Yoshino, Guerrilla Games]