Titanfall 2 Day One Update Will Be Super Tiny, Respawn Lists 10 Reasons Why It’s Different

October 21, 2016Written by Alex Co

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Annoyed at almost every online game having a gargantuan day one patch? Yeah, you’re not the only one. Thankfully, Titanfall 2 won’t have that problem.

While the shooter will have a day one update, it’s going to clock in at less than 100MB! Yes, you read that right. Respawn boss Vince Zampella shared this bit of news over on Twitter where he revealed the Titanfall 2 day one update to be at just 88MB.

Not bad at all, no? Hopefully, that means the game is optimized and polished enough that it doesn’t need any big day one updates.

Over on the official Titanfall site, Respawn lists down 10 reasons why Titanfall 2 won’t be your typical first-person shooter.

10. All Maps, Modes + More are Free After Launch

No Season Pass required, all Maps + Modes will be free in Titanfall 2 multiplayer. This means no splitting up of the community and it all starts out with the legendary Angel City map, remastered from Titanfall 1. This means once you put down your cash, your investment includes a full single player campaign, Multiplayer and long term support with no hidden costs. You can pre-order to play it 3 days early, but it will never cost you extra.

9. Tone

Titanfall 2 wants to bring fun discovery back to shooters. Playful and often funny, the tone of the characters and story provide a fresh experience at a time when shooters have become dark and serious. The environments of Typhon are mysterious and give room to explore and discover the best way to approach combat or a lite puzzle.

8. Lightning Fast Movement

The original Titanfall was known for fast movement, and Respawn has built on that foundation and expanded on Pilot mobility. Titanfall 2 introduces the grappling hook and slide which open up even more options for players to whip around the map like never before. Be careful, once you play Titanfall 2, there is no going back as everything else will feel slow.

So, run, jump, slide and wall run your way to spectacular moments in Titanfall 2. Remember, not to play it like every other shooter out there so no camping! Keep those boots off the ground and take your game to new heights by stringing together wall runs and picking up speed.

Check out a sample route to see just how fast Titanfall 2 is… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nHvoaAAhGno

7. Characters

Titanfall 2 has a colorful cast of memorable characters including devious to silly villains, cocky Pilots, heroic leaders, and one very literal Titan that may just become your best friend. Have you met BT-7274?

6. All New Titans

Speaking of Titans, have you dropped a Titan today? There are six brand new Titans in Titanfall 2 Multiplayer, all with unique abilities that give them different strengths on the battlefield. Each Titan you call in has a devastating Core ability that can quickly dismantle an enemy Titan. Which will you drop first?



Ronin – That Titan with the Sword, don’t let him get in close!

Ion – Ion is the one with the giant laser that unleashes straight from the chest.

Legion – Is that a minigun?

Northstar – A Sniper Titan who can fly!

Tone – All about establishing a lock and unleashing the fury.

Scorch -A Titan who locks down the Frontier with fire.

5. Playstation 4 Joins Xbox One + PC on the Frontier!

Titanfall 2 brings all the face paced action to Sony for the first time ever. Now, Playstation owners will get to try their hand at calling in a Titan or setting up a glorious wall run. Remember to break all of your old FPS habits and never stop moving.

On PC, Titanfall 2 will be playable in 4K!

– Here are the Full PC Specs and benchmarks, this game is buttery smooth and in 4K.



No matter your console or computer of choice, variety and Titans are the spice of life.

4. The Multiplayer You Love, But Deeper

Abilities & Boosts – Whether it’s using Phase Shift to pass through an electric smoke grenade or activating Smart Pistol and going on a kill streak, the discovery of what you can do with these skills and the thrill of using them is addicting.


Customization – Titanfall 2 is all about player choice and expression. The dozens of different Pilot kits are not just about finding what’s right for you, it’s about discovering new play styles and roles that maybe you never thought you’d ever play.

The amount of visual customization options in Titanfall 2 is deep. Pilot, Titan and weapons skins allow players to have a unique look on the Frontier. Check out this video from the development team and remember you haven’t seen anything yet.


New Modes

Modes with AI like Bounty Hunt and Attrition are unique to Titanfall and even familiar favorites like Capture the Flag or Hardpoint have that special flavor only Titanfall can provide. And where else can you play a mode with 10 Titans fighting it out to the last one standing? Nowhere.

Did we mention Coliseum?

Go mano a mano with pre-set weapons and abilities in a best of 3 match up against other Pilots. You better be fast…


With a brand new matchmaking system that was heavily tested during the Tech Test, you can be assured the Respawn team is ready to handle the day 1 demand and has used all the learnings of Titanfall 1 to overhaul matches. Take it direct from the devs. Get players into better, fuller matches, faster.

Did we mention private match?



With the introduction of Networks, Titanfall 2 makes it fast and easy to find and play with friends old and new. Whether it’s finding other fans of your favorite sports team or the college you went to, players will be able to create and join a variety of Networks that best suit their play styles and preferences.

You can also create ‘Happy Hour’ events inside your network so friends know when to meet up and can earn extra merits. Networks are all about bringing back a truly social experience to online multiplayer that allows users to self-organize around interests, goals, and trends. Once you’ve used them you’ll never go back.

As they saying goes, If your friend told you to drop a Titan, would you do it? This is the smart gamers looking for the next big thing. If your friend told you to jump off a building in Titanfall 2, you would do it, because you have a jump pack on and it can handle the landing easily. You’d probably land in a slide to keep your momentum, because you are a boss.

2. Innovative Gameplay

Titanfall changed the game with wall-running and double-jumps – now must-haves for first person shooters. And with deadlier weaponry and a stronger pilot-titan bond, Titanfall 2 is here to re-set that bar sky high.

In Single Player, we don’t want to give it away, but Respawn and their developers continues to innovate in the FPS genre as they have continuously done during their long history of making games. Your friends will be talking about this one for a long time, don’t spoil it.

1. Single Player

For the first time, Titanfall 2 will take players on a journey deep into the world of The Frontier as Jack Cooper, a militia rifleman with aspirations of becoming a Pilot. Stranded behind enemy lines, he forms an unusual partnership with BT-7274, a veteran Vanguard-class titan. Jack and BT must combine their abilities and risk everything to survive together against overwhelming odds.

Titanfall 2 single harkens back to a sense of wonder and surprise offering a variety of missions. We want to be more than a corridor shooter that fans expect including:

Boss Fights

The Single Player campaign is loaded with memorable moments and tough battles. Square up against the biggest villains on the Frontier while in your Vanguard Titan. Find the right load out combination and keep an eye out for batteries if you want to survive.

Gameplay Variety

You won’t spend your time in Single Player doing the same thing over and over. There will be Pilots fighting grunts, Titan’s fighting Titans and slower moments where you must utilize your movement and puzzle solving skills to advance. There is also plenty of action and creativity required to take down enemies. Titanfall 2 provides an incredibly fun, fluid, and thrilling combat experience. Beware, you won’t always have your trust Titan by your side.


Story – This is not a bombastic, cinematic, roller coaster ride that you might expect. It’s a personal story of a Pilot and Titan coming together under extreme circumstances to complete a mission. It is a story of their journey and the bond that grows between them.

Agree with Respawn’s reasons for Titanfall 2 being more than your standard FPS? Stay tuned to our review of TF2 early next week.

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