Titanfall 2 Trophies Listed, Won’t Be That Hard to Platinum

In case you didn’t know, we really, really liked Titanfall 2. While the game won’t be out until Friday, here’s your chance to take a look at the Titanfall 2 trophies you’ll be able to get in Respawn Entertainment’s shooter.

Obviously, some of the things mentioned might be spoiler-ish to some who’s interested in the single-player campaign. If you value that, then maybe tread a little more cautiously? Those wondering, the trophy list for Titanfall 2 that’s shown below are from my initial playthrough of the single-player campaign on hard. That and a few matches in multiplayer.

Check out the Titanfall 2 trophies below.

Not that hard to get a platinum, no? In case anyone’s wondering, there’s a trophy attached for joining a Network. What better way to earn that than by joining the PlayStation LifeStyle Titanfall 2 Network (we’re the biggest on PS4 worldwide!).

We’ll have more coverage of Titanfall 2 when the game drops this Friday.