Skyrim Special Edition Update 1.01 on PS4 Is 636MB, Includes Optimizations

Skyrim Special Edition isn’t out until tomorrow, October 28, but players have already begun receiving their copies, revealing the size of the day one update. As Gadgets 360 shows, Skyrim Special Edition update 1.01 on PlayStation 4 is just over 636MB. Full patch notes aren’t available in the Update History, with Bethesda just saying they made “general optimizations for launch day.”

So, if you’re getting a digital copy of Skyrim Special Edition on PS4, the download size is now 20.6GB in North America and 33.6GB in Europe. You can begin pre-loading Skyrim, and the game will unlock at 12am local time in Europe and 12am ET in North America.

To help get you some time off to play Skyrim, Bethesda’s Pete Hines wrote this doctor’s note:

As noted previously, PS4 mod support in Skyrim is lacking compared to Xbox One. According to Hines, “Whether it will change in the future, I don’t know. It isn’t up to me.” Any changes, of course, are up to Sony, but Bethesda “will continue to push to have mods work the same on all platforms.”

Since Bethesda isn’t sending out Skyrim Special Edition review copies until today, don’t expect to see any media reviews this week.

Are you picking up Skyrim for PS4 tomorrow?

[Source: Gadgets 360, Pete Hines via WCCFTech]