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EA Pulls Distasteful Battlefield 1 Memes, Issues Apology

Electronic Arts has pulled a pair of questionable Battlefield 1 memes following an online backlash.

Deemed tone-deaf and wholly insensitive, the marketing campaign was accompanied by the “#justWWIthings” hashtag, leading to a mixture of ridicule and condemnation across social media. Both Battlefield 1 pictures were rolled out over the weekend, before being deleted on Monday morning. EA has now issued an apology, stating that it was “not at all our intent to show any lack of respect to the WW1 era.” You can find the full series of Tweets below.



Battlefield 1 is available now across all platforms. What do our readers make of this ordeal? A faux pas? Or a storm in a teacup?

[Source: Twitter via NeoGAF]