IO Interactive Confirms That Hitman Season Two Is Happening

The first season of IO Interactive’s episodic Hitman game may have just ended, but that doesn’t mean that the hard working team is finished adding content to the game. The Danish developer recently told French outlet Gamergen that a second season was definitely happening. This news, which broke at Paris Games Week, should be music to the ears of stealth fans.

While details are still pretty scarce surrounding Hitman Season Two,  some information did come out from the interview. First, the game will continue using the same application, which means that it’ll run on the same engine. Building off that base gives IO Interactive a few advantages. First, they are able to create content on a quick turnaround and have more freedom when it comes to the game’s Elusive Targets and other missions, as first season episodes will still get supported.

That’s all that we know for now, but it’s definitely good news to know that Square Enix wants more of the well-received stealth game. If you haven’t played the first season of Hitman, you’ll be able to pick up a physical copy of the first season in January 2017. Hitman: The Complete First Season will feature the game’s six episodes ranging from Paris to Hokkaido, and will include the Summer Bonus Episode from July. It’ll be the perfect way for gamers to get caught up before the second season begins to release.

In PlayStation LifeStyle’s review of Hitman, reviewer Paulmichael Contreras said it was “the weapon of choice of stealth gamers for the foreseeable future.”

(Source: Gamergen via Trusted Reviews)