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Tekken 7 Interview With Katsuhiro Harada – Console Content, DLC and More

While Tekken 7 still doesn’t have a firm release date for consoles, Producer Katsuhiro Harada has already confirmed that it will run at 1080p resolution and 60fps (frames-per-second) on PlayStation 4.

Speaking of Harada, the famed “face” of the Tekken franchise has given us a chance to speak with him about all things Tekken 7! We asked him about exclusive console content, DLC and a whole lot more.

PlayStation LifeStyle: The game has been out in arcades for a while. Has feedback from players helped to shape the console versions of the game? If yes, to what extent?

Katsuhiro Harada: First, I would like you to remember that, not only Tekken, but most fighting games always appeared in arcades first, and then were ported to console. In that long history of arcade to console porting cycles, fighting games were updated and polished in the arcades before being ported to console. If you know this history, you know half the answer already.

In the current climate, probably only Tekken is still able to stick to this traditional cycle of having a large scale arcade release and receiving a substantial amount of feedback while still in the arcade. This obviously still helps us quite a bit in developing the game. Console only modes and content is a different story, however.

PSLS: Are there any features coming exclusive to the console versions?

Harada: Hahahaha!! The Tekken series has continued for 20 years, and you’ve seen what we have done in the past, right? Has there ever been an installment in which we never including anything extra for the console release?

Tekken 7 555x328 08

PSLS: Any DLC plans? If so, can you hint at them? New characters?

Harada: Up until now, our DLC was free, but we were only able to provide free content for two to three months after launch. However, current feedback from players has been that they want to see a longer span of support after the release, so we are currently still discussing our plans for DLC.

PSLS: What’s next for Tekken’s storyline, what with the Mishima conflict coming to an end?

Harada: The main storyline portrays the showdown between Heihachi and Kazuya Mishima. Not only that, but we delve into why the father and son began their quarrel in the first place. A lot of the mysteries that were left unanswered will be explained.

PSLS: Who’s the best character for newcomers to the franchise? Who’s the most challenging character to master?

Harada: I would definitely recommend Katarina to newcomers. It’s a lot of fun even mashing the kick buttons to see a great variety of different attacks, and her combos aren’t too difficult. For difficult to master, I would say Hwoarang is deceptively difficult to master.

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PSLS: How’s development going at this stage? Are things on schedule for the early 2017 release?

Harada: There’s never easy going with development, but everyone is giving 120% to create the best Tekken possible.

PSLS: Tekken has always been known for it’s unique modes outside of the normal fighting game. Are there any fun modes making a return from previous games, or entirely new modes this time around?

Harada: Story Mode might sound similar to past modes because of the name alone, but it is quite unique in that you can shift seamlessly from cinematics to actual gameplay, and this sets it apart from other fighting games. We also have some other cool things planned, but can’t go in to detail yet.

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PSLS: Why was the decision made to bring Akuma in to Tekken 7? Is he a part of the story, or just a guest character?

Harada: Akuma actually is part of the Mishima storyline in some way. I would also hesitate to call him a “guest character” because he is hardly a guest. He is a formidable foe.

PSLS: Can we expect to see more guest characters from other franchises make an appearance, either in game or as DLC?

Harada: I don’t know. My sole focus now is to try to finish the game and make it awesome!

PSLS: We’ve always loved Tekken for the cutscenes and story modes that each character has. Does Tekken 7 continue to incorporate the web of full stories for each character with full CG cutscenes?

Harada: All I can see is to wait until you can play it for yourself. As I mentioned above, the Story Mode is quite different from past installments and other fighting games.

PlayStation LifeStyle would like to thank Harada and Bandai Namco for taking the time out to chat with us. Tekken 7 is confirmed for release on PS4 and Xbox One in 2017.