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Final Fantasy XV Video Compares PS4 Pro 4K to 1080p Gameplay

The Final Fantasy XV: Judgment Disc demo was recently released in Japan, thanks to which we can now see what the game looks like on the PlayStation 4 Pro compared to the standard console. YouTube user Arekkz Gaming has published the video above, which shows off two PS4 Pro graphics options – 4K High and 4K Light – alongside the standard 1080p. Check it out.

In related news, Square Enix recently shared some new information about partner sub-weapons and the Ability Call system. You can find the info below courtesy of Gematsu:

Partner Sub-Weapons

Your three partners can equip a main weapon and a sub-weapon. Gladioulus uses shields, Ignis uses lances, and Prompto uses machinery. Configure their respective weapons and switch according to the situation!

Ability Call

When you lodge every night your level and status will settle and progress, but personal abilities are strengthened through a system called “Ability Call.”

On your journey, you’ll accumulate and expend Ability Points (AP). Abilities will be learned depending on the various actions you perform. The system is divided into branches and according to which branched system you decide to strengthen, you can make an overwhelmingly original party.

Final Fantasy XV releases on November 29.

[Source: Arekkz Gaming, Gematsu]