Hitman is a Sales Success, Says IO Interactive

2016’s Hitman game took a different approach than its predecessors in that it’s an episodic title. With its first season recently coming to an end, there are understandably questions about how well the formula worked. Sales-wise, at least, IO Interactive says that it feels Hitman is a success. In a new interview with Tech Crunch, Creative Director Christian Elverdam said that he can’t talk about sales “too much specifically,” but that the studio is “pretty happy.”

When asked if most people bought the game around the first episode’s release, he said:

Again, I can’t be too specific. But in general, it’s been going on the entire season. One of the advantages of building a game that is live is that there are many entry points to jump into the game. Also we’re still continuing to release elusive targets and escalation contracts. I think we’ve managed to create a game with many starting points and I can also see that in how people buy it.

Elverdam went on to say that games are becoming more like services with continuous content updates thanks in part to Sony and Microsoft changing their policies “so that developing a game for a console would feel more like developing a game for the PC.” He revealed that quite a few people in the industry are intrigued by the model Hitman is following but he believes its success would depend on each game and its nature.

IO Interactive recently confirmed that it’s looking into continuing Hitman beyond the first Season.

[Source: Tech Crunch]