Rez Infinite Dynamic Theme Available for Free for a Limited Time, Accolades Trailer Out

If you have a PlayStation VR, then you really ought to check out Rez Infinite since it’s possibly one of the best games available on the medium right now.

That little fact seems to have been taken to heart by developer Enhance Games as it has now released a Rez Infinite “accolades” trailer, which, as you can guess, highlights the various high scores and adulation the game has gotten so far.

In addition to that, the studio is also rolling out a “super special” Area X Rez Infinite dynamic theme for the PS4! And yes, it’s for free!

What are you waiting for? Go download the free theme or maybe give Rez Infinite a shot.

Have you played Rez Infinite? Is it possibly the best PSVR game available right now?

[Source: Enhance Games (Twitter)]