Terry Crews Wants to Voice Doomfist in Overwatch

The next character rumored to be joining the cast of Overwatch is called Doomfist. The character has been teased multiple times by Blizzard (as seen above), and the name itself is a moniker that is given to warriors who wield a powerful gauntlet. While he doesn’t currently exist anywhere other than the broader Overwatch lore at the moment, fans are already saying who they want to be the character’s voice actor.

“If Doomfist becomes a hero I’d be so hyped if Terry Crews voice acted for him,” wrote Reddit user SleepyRicky. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor and entertainer has long been known as a video game fan, so it seems a natural fit. He even was promoting the first-person shooter’s free weekend on Twitter last week. As SleepyRicky says in the text of his post, “I feel like he’d be the best! Such a cool guy.”

Terry Crews went to Reddit to post his response, and it was as energetic as one would expect. “I would LOVE TO PLAY DOOMFIST,” wrote Crews. Fan reception has been very positive on the Overwatch subreddit as the post itself has over 6,000 upvotes and Crews’ comment has over 5,000.

A fan petition has also been created in order to support the casting choice. It doesn’t have a ton of traction just yet, as it only has 102 signatures, but fan demand has been much stronger on social media. One tweet of support by Twitter user @milkymarvin is pleading Blizzard to cast Crews. It has over 1,500 retweets as of now.

(Source: Reddit)