Watch Dogs 2 Mission Replayability Coming in Future Patch

Watch Dogs 2 recently had its online issues patched up, and now fans are requesting new features to the open-world title. One of the major requests has been the ability to replay campaign missions since they become unavailable after playing them once. That means that players would have to start the game over again to replay them.

Here’s what the Reddit user Linzo48 had to say on the issue:

Watch Dogs 2 has some serious replayability. The missions in the game are one of the best and most creative missions I’ve seen in any open world game. They can be approached and completed in many different ways, but yet we can’t replay them like what’s up with that? Might not matter for some of you, but I’m a really experimentative person. Please patch in the option to replay operations Ubisoft, at least the main ones.

The good news for Linzo48 and other gamers is that the feature is on the way. Ubisoft community manager UbiBlargmonster responded to the post saying “we will be patching in mission replayability at a later time.” When asked if there would be new rewards for completing missions again, he said that he wasn’t sure and that he’d “try to get back to you on this when we have more info.”

While it’s disappointing that the feature wasn’t included from the very beginning, it’s great to see that Ubisoft are listening to fans and implementing changes. Plus, it’s not like the game is lacking content, so there should be enough missions and side-quests to keep players busy until the feature is added in an upcoming patch. Until then, continue to explore the varied sights of San Francisco.

(Source: Reddit via ThisGenGaming)