PlayStation LifeStyle 2016 Holiday Buyer’s Guide – PS4, Vita, Accessories and More

The holiday season is here, which means it’s time to open up your wallet and buy some awesome presents for your friends and loved ones. We at PlayStation LifeStyle know that it can be difficult to shop for a gamer, which is why we’re here to take out all of the guesswork. We’ve prepared a guide filled with the best games of 2016, that any gamer would be happy to have.

We’ve got categories for various genres, so there should be something for every type of gamer below. Also featured are expansions to some of last year’s best games, and some gaming accessories to help take your game sessions to the next level. We’ve also included links to PlayStation LifeStyle’s review of each title listed, that way you can do some further research if a game tickles your fancy.

Check out our 2016 Holiday gift guide so you can be informed while finishing up your holiday shopping!


Few games offer instant gratification like an action game. Pressing a button to send an enemy flying with a punch is satisfying, and all of these games will leave an action fan with a smile on their face. We’ve got a wide array of action games ranging from fighting titles to some of the biggest games of the year!

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