Watch Over Eight Minutes of Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Right Now

While Capcom has already released a Resident Evil 7: biohazard demo on the PlayStation 4 and PSVR, some fans might be itching for more, and understandably so, given the game’s new first-person perspective and all.

There’s a bunch of Resident Evil 7 gameplay videos floating about which showcase the Baker family and a few other nasty surprises. If you absolutely do not want anything spoiled for you when it comes to Resident Evil 7 stuff, then you might want to think twice before watching the video above. There’s not a lot of story stuff shown, but a few fights and encounters do trickle in, and that was enough for me to not watch the entire thing.

In other Resident Evil 7 news, you can check out the GameStop-exclusive Collector’s Edition to see what sort of horrors come with it. Resident Evil 7: biohazard will be out for the PS4, Xbox One and PC this January 2017, and it will be compatible with PSVR.

[Source: IGN]