Fallen Legion Preview

PSX 2016 – Fallen Legion Now Out for PS4 and Vita in 2017

Originally set for the summer of 2016, action RPG Fallen Legion will now release for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in 2017, developer YummyYummyTummy announced during PSX 2016. However, the Vita version will be a different game than the one on PS4. Director Spencer Yip writes:

On PlayStation 4, you guide Princess Cecille who has reluctantly become the emperor of a dying kingdom. While Cecille is on a quest to restore glory to the crumbling Empire of Fenumia, the Legate is planning a coup d’état to claim the throne. PS Vita players will see the events in Fallen Legion from the perspective of the Legate, a charming and cunning tactician, as he battles to oust the monarchy and roots out traitors among his army. You’ll face different ferocious bosses on Vita including the bloodthirsty Werewolf. Both twisted stories are the brainchild of Ben Bateman, localization editor on Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward.

A definitive release date has yet to be announced.