UK Digital Games Sales Charts Sees Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare at #1 in November

SuperData has published its UK digital sales charts for November, and to the surprise of no one, Call of Duty is once again on top.

While Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare managed to snag the top spot, it barely managed to do so against FIFA 17, which was released a few months ago.  The two games’ revenue was separated by a mere £1.6 million ($2.02 million in US currency). Interestingly enough, sales of FIFA 17 were up compared to November, with sales boosted by Black Friday discounts. Call of Duty’s main competitor, EA’s Battlefield 1, settled at third place, with its sales down 26 percent compared to October.

  1. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare (Activision Blizzard) – £12.90m
  2. FIFA 17 (EA) –  £11.27m
  3. Battlefield 1 (EA) – £4.02m
  4. FIFA 16 (EA) – £3.12m
  5. Call of Duty: Black Ops III (Activision Blizzard) – £2.93m
  6. Grand Theft Auto V (Rockstar) – £2.62m
  7. Mafia III (2K Games) – £2.58m
  8. Watch Dogs 2 (Ubisoft) – £2.41m
  9. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (Bethesda) – £1.61m
  10. Destiny (Activision Blizzard) – £1.35m

Bear in mind that these only represent the UK’s digital sales, and shouldn’t be taken as a worldwide figure. Having said that, does that mean Call of Duty is losing its stranglehold when it comes to sales? Or is this just a case of gamers getting tired with the futuristic setting? Your guess is as good as mine at this point.

[Source: MCV]