New Paragon Hero Seraph Coming Next Week

2017 might be a new year for Paragon players, but gamers can still expect new heroes every three weeks. The latest hero to join the seemingly never ending battle was announced by Epic Games today, and is a melee-focused character named Serath. The female warrior, who can be seen in the video above, is set to become available January 10 and is a carry-type.

Here’s the full list of Seraph’s special moves (descriptions courtesy of Epic Games):

Chastise (R1)

Serath attacks an enemy dealing damage and applying a slow. This attack also cleaves other nearby enemies.

Heaven’s Fury (Square)

Serath hovers in place and hits each target in an area with a ghostly slash. Each slash deals damage one target at a time, with a delay between each attack. Serath is immune to damage and crowd control during this ability.

Ascend (Circle) 

Rise into the air and then rapidly dive back down, traveling and dealing damage to a targeted area.

Heresy (Triangle) 

Serath lets her dark side take over and her abilities now apply a burn effect which creates a weakness aura around affected enemies. Enemies who are burning also take additional damage from Serath’s basic attacks.

Serath will become available to all players on January 10, and like all heroes in the game, is free. Paragon is currently in Open Beta, and was recently overhauled with the ‘Monolith Update,’ which made several key tweaks to the title. It’s now a much faster game, and major balancing changes were issued.

(Source: Epic Games)