Apex Legends Conduit

Apex Legends Reveals New Hero Coming With Ignite Update

EA and developer Respawn Entertainment announce the new Ignite update for the free-to-play hero shooter Apex Legends. The expansion introduces Conduit, a new Legend with an interesting connection to Respawn’s Titanfall 2.

Apex Legends introduces Conduit

Respawn hasn’t revealed too much about Apex Legends: Ignite or Conduit’s role in gameplay. However, the press release and announcement trailer offer insight into the character. As a child, the timely arrival of a Titanfall 2 Monarch Titan saved Conduit and her siblings’ lives. Now, she uses the power of the Titan’s damaged core to become a Legend and support her family. However, this power comes at a price as the radioactive core slowly poisons her body.

Developers fleshed out Conduit’s backstory in Apex Legends’ most recent animated Stories From the Outlands trailer. The new video is Titled “For Us, Utang na Loob,” which means “indebtedness” in Filipino. It shows how the Monarch arrived just in time to save the Conduit’s family from the Titans attacking her hometown. After luring the invaders away, the outnumbered and surrounded Titanfall 2 mech detonated its core, destroying itself and the other Titans.

Years later, a teenage Conduit lives under the care of her beleaguered older sister. However, her sister is injured in an accident, putting the family in a dire financial situation. Determined to help her family, Conduit breaks into the quarantined area where the wrecked Titans still lay, leaking radiation. Upon touching the Monarch’s damaged core, it imbues her hand with radioactive power.

Unfortunately, the trailer doesn’t reveal what that power does. However, Apex Legends fans shouldn’t have to wait too much longer, as Ignite’s launch trailer premieres on October 23.