Respawn Entertainment Has 'Very Exciting' Games Projects in Development

Respawn Entertainment Has ‘Very Exciting’ Projects in Development

Publisher Electronic Arts has teased that Respawn Entertainment has “very exciting” games and projects in development. In a recent earnings call, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said that the studio proved to be one of the games industry’s “most incredible” acquisitions.

Respawn has released a series of hit games

Having moved on from Titanfall, Respawn continues to release critically acclaimed and commercially successful games, including Star Wars: Jedi series and Apex Legends. It’s no surprise that EA told shareholders that the studio created “incredible value” for the company.

“Respawn, of course, was maybe one of the most incredible acquisitions ever done in the industry,” Wilson said (via SeekingAlpha). “And they’re an incredible team, and they’ve created incredible value for us, for our shareholders, and certainly for these global communities of players across Apex and the Jedi series.”

Wilson then teased that Respawn has a number of projects in the works that EA is “very excited” about but is unable to share details of at present. “You should imagine there’s some other things going on at Respawn that we’re very excited about that we’re not going to talk about, but we’re very excited about just given the quality of that group.”

Respawn has previously said that it would love to make a new Titanfall game, but a third game isn’t in development.