100ft Robot Golf PS4 Pro Support Added in Latest Patch

Seattle-based indie developer No Goblin went to Twitter to announce that a new patch is now available for their most PlayStation 4 title 100ft Robot Golf. The most exciting thing about the version 1.04 update is that it adds PS4 Pro support to the game. “A new 100ft Robot Golf update is out now!” wrote the studio. “PS4 Pro support, a ton of bugfixes, and an all new 100% bossa nova gameplay soundtrack awaits!”

The official update history on PS4 didn’t offer any more specifics (such as what bugs were fixed), but it was pretty funny. It says that the version 1.04 of the game is “300% prettier for PlayStation 4 Pro console golfers” and that there is “700% more bossa nova for all!” This sense of humor is found all throughout the game, which we reviewed when it released in October 2016. Here’s what we had to say about No Goblin’s second game:

100ft Robot Golf is an ambitious title that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s far better due to this, and while it’s not the most polished golf you can play on PS4, it’s certainly the most fun. I do have questions about the game’s longevity (as there are only 36 holes), but the unique gameplay is the draw right now. Hopefully more courses will be released as DLC, but until then I’ll be causing destruction while I golf in an underwater city and on the moon.”

100ft Robot Golf is available now on PlayStation 4. The arcade golf game supports PlayStation VR and the PlayStation 4 Pro.

(Source: Twitter)