God of War Gameplay Reveal Passes 15 Million Views, But Don’t Expect a New Trailer in Celebration

Released during E3 2016, the God of War gameplay trailer has passed 15 million views on PlayStation’s YouTube channel (it’s sitting at just under 15,008,000). Last year, Game Director Cory Barlog said he would do “something” when the trailer reached this milestone, but in a tweet yesterday, he revealed that it won’t be on the level of a new video:

Said I would do something, but definitely not on a the level of a new trailer though.

It also won’t be a demo, as “demos take a ton of time to prepare, so unfortunately that is just not possible.”

Before taking his holiday break, Barlog said he’d finished the first full playthrough of God of War with the leads. Shortly after returning, he was asked about his New Year’s resolution. “Hmmm, my resolution? To not fuck this game up,” he replied.

What do you hope the “something” is?

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