Capcom Producer Reflects on Resident Evil 6 and the Ensuing Fan Feedback

With Resident Evil 7 Biohazard fast approaching, GameSpot recently interviewed a host of developers involved in the creation of Capcom’s horror revival, including Producers Masachika Kawata and Jun Takeuchi. When asked about the early days of development on Biohazard, the latter reflected on the launch of Resident Evil 6 and the fan feedback that ensued.

While Takeuchi-san concedes that many fans took issue with the sequel’s action sensibilities, the Capcom executive told GameSpot that “a lot of fans loved” Resident Evil 6 because it represented a “dream team collaboration of all their favorite heroes working together.”

“After our sixth [Resident Evil] we got a lot of feedback from fans. I think a lot of fans loved that game. It’s a dream team collaboration of all their favorite heroes working together. At the same time, we know there’s feedback that people thought we’re going too far down the road of action horror rather than survival horror. That was great timing because internally we also felt this is the time for us to just take a step back and re-evaluate what survival horror and Resident Evil means to us. It was really just the fact that the timing of what the fans wanted and we wanted to do next matched up. It gave me the confidence to do something radical and reinvent the series.”

What do you make of Takeuchi’s evaluation of Resident Evil 6 and its action-horror sensibilities? Next up for Capcom’s horror flagship is the release of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard tomorrow, January 24.

[Source: GameSpot]