Gravity Rush 2 Servers Offline This Weekend

If you’re wondering why you can’t do the online challenge missions in Gravity Rush 2 this weekend, there’s a logical answer. The official PlayStation Twitter account announced today that the first-party title’s online servers will be down this weekend as it’s “undergoing maintenance and will be back online early next week.” They also thanked users for their patience.

The general response on social media was a lot of gamers being surprised that the Sony Japan developed title featured online functionality. While it doesn’t feature online multiplayer, it does allow players to compete in online challenge missions, go on treasure hunts, and share photos. So, while the core Gravity Rush 2 experience won’t really be impacted by the servers being offline, there are slightly less side activities to do.

Despite the inconveniences, players should still be able to have a good time this weekend with the action game. In PlayStation LifeStyle’s review of the title, reviewer Keri Honea had this to say about the highly anticipated sequel:

Gravity Rush 2 lacks quite a bit in the story department, even with the side missions, but the improved combat and series-unique exploration make it difficult to put the game down. Even when Kat’s flailings are incredibly annoying and detrimental, and even with the awful stealth missions, it’s even more difficult to not have fun this adventure. Previous experience isn’t required either, as Kat basically has to learn everything all over from the beginning anyway. If Gravity Rush was always a game you meant to get into, there’s no better place to start than Gravity Rush 2.

(Source: PlayStation Twitter)