Kingdom Hearts III Celebrates Final Fantasy VII 20th Anniversary

January 31, 2017Written by Martin Patiño


Today is Final Fantasy VII’s 20th anniversary as well as the 30th anniversary of the entire franchise and part of Square Enix’s celebration included releasing key artwork for the upcoming and highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake earlier today. The celebrations did not end there though as the people behind the company’s other big project, Kingdom Hearts III, also commemorated the event by posting a new screenshot from the game on the Kingdom Hearts official Twitter account.

The screenshot shows the game’s protagonist Sora from behind looking up at a large tower. The image is reminiscent and is an obvious tribute to the original and iconic Final Fantasy VII key artwork that showed Cloud wielding his Buster Sword looking up at Shinra tower. While Cloud has appeared in previous Kingdom Hearts games before, there’s no indication that the character will make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts III and that the screenshot is nothing more than a celebratory gesture.

Funnily enough, Kingdom Hearts III and the Final Fantasy VII remake are both games from Square Enix that have no set release dates. But with Kingdom Hearts also celebrating an anniversary later this year, it’s possible that Square Enix may unveil some new details about the highly anticipated second major sequel to the beloved franchise.

[Source: Kingdom Hearts (Twitter) via Gematsu]