Final Fantasy XV’s PS4 Pro 60fps, Chapter 13 Updates Get Release Dates

During the latest Active Time Report, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XV would be receiving an update on February 21 that adds 60 frames-per-second support on PlayStation 4 Pro. Instead of a locked 60fps experience, they say to expect a maximum of 60fps.

The update on February 21 will also include Limited Time Quests (starts with Hunts; fishing to be added later), an increase of the photo capacity from 150 to 200, the ability to use the music player while riding a chocobo, and a new level cap of 120. If you’re already at level 99, experience points you earn before the update goes live won’t count towards the additional levels.

Then on March 28, Square Enix will release a new Final Fantasy XV update that makes enhancements to the final parts of the game, including Chapter 13.

As for upcoming DLC, the paid Booster Pack+ will include the Boost Sword weapon, Dragon Mod fishing rod, and Aviol reel when it launches on February 21. Because the publisher of Power Rangers pointed out that the Magitek Exosuit’s design might be a little too similar to their suits, Square Enix has delayed the free Booster Pack to a later date.

No new details were given for Episode Gladiolus or Episode Prompto, but you can watch a short trailer for the DLC beginning at 10:10 of the above video.

Game Director Hajime Tabata also revealed that Free Drive is currently in development, allowing you to drive the Regalia off-roads. You can see some footage of this starting at 50:30.

Finally, if you haven’t grabbed it yet, the Platinum Demo will be removed from the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Store on March 31.

[Source: Gematsu, Reddit, Nova Crystallis]