PSVR Price

Sony Says PS4 Pro and PSVR Are Selling as Expected

While Sony didn’t include PlayStation VR sales numbers in their latest financial report, CFO Kenichiro Yoshida did offer a brief update in the earnings call, saying it’s “selling in-line with expectations.”

It remains to be seen what their expectations for PSVR are, but PlayStation Europe’s Jim Ryan said at launch that sales would be in the “many hundreds of thousands.” Last month, SuperData predicted that PSVR sales would likely cross one million this quarter.

As for PlayStation 4 Pro, Yoshida touched on it in the Q&A section of the earnings call, saying (through a translator), “PS4 Pro is running as we have assumed, but Pro maybe is doing more than we had anticipated.”

Also during the call, Yoshida suggested that PSVR had an impact on PS4 Pro sales, and “the sales of Pro are stronger than that of Slim, as we see it.” The last part may have been a mistranslation though, as Japan and US data shows that PS4 Pro sales are much smaller than the standard PS4.

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