Farming Simulator 17 Update 1.4 Today Fixes Bugs, Preps for Kuhn DLC

Now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Farming Simulator 17 update 1.4 adds support for the upcoming Kuhn DLC and fixes numerous issues on all platforms. The official Twitter account adds that it also includes “scripts of the 4Real modules -> Coming as mods on consoles.

Here’s a look at some of the bugs that were fixed on PS4 with today’s update:

Issues Fixed in Patch 1.4


  • Game freezes/stutters when time is speed up and growth is fast
  • Online Radio Streams: Game crashes, when a title with a special character is shown
  • Game stutters during any mission on field 5
  • When the conveyor belt picks up unfermented silage at the BGA, the game freezes
  • When creating a character, certain words are censored (e.g. apple ->a#!*e, Kilian -> K#!ian)
  • Traffic doesn’t continue when you fell a tree in front of a car and remove it

Vehicle Behavior

  • Acceleration and Braking is very jerky. Vehicles suddenly speed up
  • Vehicles wobble when connected to the Veenhuis Premium Integral
  • MF 7700, bad driveability
  • NH 900fsi: Forage Harvester shakes when being folded and in transport mode when lowered onto chassis
  • TAM Leguan 24: Drifts when PowerStream 700 lies on it
  • Quadtrac/NH T9: Wrong steering, rear end steers. Compare with MT 900


  • Main menu, music can not be switched off
  • Finance: “Other” is used when buying fertilizer instead of “fertilizer”
  • “Select seed” not visible in the menu at Tractor + Weight + Seeder
  • Operating costs Building shows -1 even without placed objects
  • Missions are counted incorrectly in the statistics (1 made, 2 were displayed)


  • Terra Felis has a permanent white plane in MP
  • Chatting in MP turns off the engine


  • Start Sound (all machines) is drowned by the idle sound when the engine is started (or rather: both sounds are active at the same time)

You can see the detailed list of bug fixes over here.

The Kuhn DLC releases on February 14, priced at $14.99 USD (Season Pass owners get it for free). It will feature 18 Kuhn tools, including the SW 4014 square and round bale wrapper, the MERGE MAXX 902 belt merger, or the FBP 3135 bale-wrapper combination.

Earlier this year, Farming Simulator 18 was announced for PlayStation Vita.

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