Nioh Co-Op Was Changed Because It Made the Game “Too Easy” to Beat

February 9, 2017Written by Jason Dunning


In the pre-release trial for Nioh, developer Team Ninja allowed players to summon a friend and play through every level together. As discovered in the full release this week though, co-op was changed so that you could only invite someone who has beaten the level you’re currently on.

In a statement to Kotaku, Creative Director Tom Lee explained that co-op is different because the previous version made Nioh too easy to beat:

You cannot co-op through the entire game because that would make it too easy for players to beat the game. We want players to experience Nioh in how it was intended to be. We allowed players to co-op anytime in the last trial demo only because of the limited stages and time to try out the demo.

As players have reported, Nioh update 1.02 was released today. It’s a small download (just like update 1.01) and the only patch note available shows that it includes “various bug fixes.”

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