Star Trek Online Update Today on PS4 & Xbox One Adds Agents of Yesterday Expansion

Around 6GB in size, today’s Star Trek Online update on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One adds the Agents of Yesterday expansion. However, if you’re looking to access Star Trek Online right now, the developers said at 9:45am PT, “Our console maintenance is, at this point, being extended by several hours. There’s an unforseen issue that has to be worked out. Thank you for being patient.”

With Agents of Yesterday, you’re sent back in time to create a new captain from Star Trek: The Original Series. You’ll then participate in new task force missions, fly era-appropriate Starships, and exlore episodic story content inspired by the TV show. You’ll also encounter characters voiced by familiar actors, including Chekov (Walter Koenig), Scotty (Chris Doohan, son of James Doohan), Temporal Agent Daniels (Matt Winston), Admiral Leeta (Chase Masterson), and Cyborg Crewman 0718 (Joseph Gatt).

Here’s a look at the new content with today’s update:

  • New Sub-Faction – Players can access the new tutorial section to begin their new adventure as a captain from Star Trek: The Original Series.
  • New Missions – Captains can earn rewards by participating in over a dozen Star Trek: The Original Series-themed missions.
  • New StarshipsAgents of Yesterday includes over a dozen new starships from every era, from the famous 23rd Century Constitution-class Cruiser to the 31st Century Chronos-class Temporal Dreadnought.
  • New Specialization Tree – After becoming a Temporal Agent, players can manipulate the timeline to ensure it’s protected against those trying to destroy the past.
  • New Special Task Force Missions – This feature allows captains to team up with other members of the community to take on all-new challenges in space and on ground.
  • An All-Trek Cast – The expansion features Chekov, Daniels, and other characters straight from the TV shows and films, voiced by the original actors.
  • New Universe to ExploreAgents of Yesterday features content, actors and themes from the Kelvin Timeline, the universe which the 2009 and 2013 Star Trek films are based on.
  • A K-13 Fleet Holding – After being lost to a temporal anomaly, Starbase K-13 returns as part of the new Star Trek: The Original Series-themed Fleet Holding.
  • New Weapons and Bridge Officers – The expansion introduces new Star Trek: The Original Series-themed weapons, as well as TOS Federation and Klingon bridge officers who were preserved in cryostasis since the station was first presumed lost.
  • 7th Anniversary Celebration – Players can participate in special anniversary events like the Omega Molecule Stabilization Mini-Game to earn rewards, including a Tier 6 Krenim Science Vessel. Captains can also log into the game each day now through February 20 to claim daily rewards.

The full list of patch notes is available over here.

If you don’t own Star Trek Online yet, it’s a free-to-play title available through the PlayStation Store.

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