Action Game A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV Releases for Free on March 1

Given away to anyone who pre-ordered Final Fantasy XV at GameStop, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One action game A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV is releasing for free on March 1 in North America and Europe, Square Enix announced today.

Featuring retro-styled graphics and fast-paced combat, A King’s Tale takes place “a fictitious 30 years” before Final Fantasy XV. Following King Regis and his faithful companions – Weskham, Cid, and Clarus – as they defend the royal capital from raiding monsters, here’s what to expect from the gameplay:

  • Deep Combat System – Combos, counters, and Regis’ signature Warp Strike combine for lightning fast real-time combat that rewards fast reflexes and smart tactics.
  • Companions – Three distinct companions offer unique and new ways to attack as well as tailored super moves that deal massive damage.
  • Magic – Ignite the battlefield, freeze your enemies, or electrify your foes with Fire, Ice, and Lightning magic.
  • Summons – Call upon epic Astral entities to decimate your foes in jaw-dropping ways.

Earlier today, Final Fantasy XV received an update that added further PlayStation 4 Pro support, a higher level cap, Timed Quests, and more. The Booster Pack+ (included in the Season Pass) will be out tomorrow, but the free Booster Pack with the Magitek Exosuit has been delayed to an unknown date.

[Source: Gematsu, Capsule Computers]