Torment: Tides of Numenera’s 8GB Day One Update Fixes Numerous Issues

Released this week for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Torment: Tides of Numenera has an 8GB day one update (patch size differs by platform) that includes gameplay improvements, bug fixes, balance tweaks, adjustments in conversations, and more.

Because the patch is so big, old save files won’t be compatible after updating, so be sure to download the update before starting your playthrough. “However, if you update the game and later decide you want to go back to your old save files, you can uninstall the game and keep the save, and then install the game again from the disc (please do it while being offline),” inXile Entertainment adds.

Here’s the full list of patch notes:


  • Balance tweaks and improvements to combat, character system, abilities and skills.
  • Updated shop inventories and loot/economy balance.
  • Added a ‘Continue’ option to the main menu to load the latest save file.
  • Added reverb and environment sound effects to voices.
  • Numerous interface bug fixes and improvements.
  • Added visual effects to some areas of the user interface.
  • Added new sound effects to some abilities.
  • Character portrait fixes.

Quest and Conversation

  • Updated the scripting in the Fifth Eye to fix some issues with the Eyes of the Adversary quest.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented most of the Philethis’ conversation responses from ever playing.
  • Updated the Qorro fight to prevent odd things when dying in the Reef later in the game.
  • Fixed an issue with the outcast Stichus not appearing correctly in the Underbelly after being rescued by the Stichus Automaton.
  • Updated the Foreman’s Brood quest so the proper ending plays.
  • Updated the points the hirelings move to in the nychthemeron fight so they correctly face the Nychthemeron.
  • Updated the cutscenes of Rhin first appearing so characters are facing and animating correctly.
  • Matkina only mentions the Sticha eggs if the player actually has one or more clusters in their inventory.
  • Minor dialog scripting updates to the head Chancing God cultist in Cliff’s Edge.
  • Added a small cutscene for when Ch’kekt gets other Sticha to rescue the Outcast Stichus.
  • Updated the One True Love quest so it progresses even if the player talks to Tranquility before and after.
  • Added an instigate point for the Clock in Circus Minor.
  • Updated Peliai’s dialog so the proper quest end node is reached after getting the sticha to relocate to the black spire and giving the eggs to Peliai.
  • Updated the Navigational Cortex removal dialog to allow the player to have the helmet analyzed after removing the Cortex and putting it back without having asked about the helmet beforehand.
  • Removed an unneeded duplicate objective in Stay of Execution quest.
  • Updated the structure/scripting of the Wayward Daughter quest.
  • Note to find the owner of the herder’s crook now only appears if the player is capable of summoning Erritis from the sphere.
  • Fixed bug where the player could ‘unlearn’ the whisperlock code.
  • Updated the Clock Fathom Portal unsealing and starting the A Wrested Mind quest.
  • Fixed the zoom for the cutscene of the nychthemeron teleporting.
  • Updated Peerless quest to require the disabling of the original drone.
  • Updated Piquo to be bigger when he’s convinced to get the operation to make his body bigger and stronger.
  • Fixed Ghostly Woman conditional on Tidal Surge response.
  • Updated the Covetous Hearts quest to handle doing most of the quest after already solved Dracogen’s quest.
  • Added a script to remove Bao when buying the hamster from Madelia Glittering.
  • Fixed Inifere’s description and made it consistent across multiple scenes.
  • Fixed bug where player could get multiple cloning spheres on epitaphs.
  • Updated the scripting in Caravanserai so Quijano does not get re-enabled after being sent to the Endless Gate if the Nychthemeron has been defeated.
  • Fixed a loot object in the Ascension exterior that was accessible from the bridge above it.
  • Updated some of the bridges and stairs in the Ascension to correctly start retracted.
  • Fixed bug where you could offer to sell Coty after he was killed.
  • Updated the Anchorage to disable the pit interaction if the Lascars either leave or are all killed.
  • Updated the scripting of the Murden translator’s dialog.
  • Fixed bug where you could tell Dracogen you failed to get the Cortex.
  • Updated the scripting of Herja at the Newborn Maw to make her cutscene play more reliably.
  • Added reactivity for Aligern’s endings.
  • Fixed a case where the Beloved Slave quest isn’t complete but the player tries to send Rhin to the House of Empty Time.
  • Numerous miscellaneous conversation fixes and updates.


  • Added an interaction object for the examinable for the ledge machine in Cliff’s Edge so it can be interacted with properly.
  • Made Artaglio’s Hair and Artaglio’s Essence quest items.
  • Updated the Beads of Mother Temaz to no longer be a quest item so it can be sold.
  • Opportunist ability shouldn’t attack enemies who aren’t in combat anymore.
  • Dead party members can no longer assist on difficult tasks.
  • Fixed targeting with Hypercoolant Spray item.
  • Improvements to tracking the state of the Keep Your Friends Close achievement.
  • Ring of Entaglement now removes fettles gained from when original owner loses one.
  • Traitor’s Rings can now heal the user as well as other targets.
  • Contingent Subroutine triggers at percent threshold instead of 0, triggered by any pool dropping below that threshold.
  • Reduced bonus from Blood of the Elements.
  • Tweaked bonuses from Natural Charisma ability.
  • Updated the cutscenes of Loss-of-self jumping and getting pushed off the cliff in Cliff’s Edge.
  • Encroaching Darkness now deals correct amount of damage.
  • Add Compelled to immune fettles when immune to mind control.
  • Fixed a couple of small issues with Impressively Labeled Canister.
  • Blood of the Elements affects target rather than only the Last Castoff.
  • Fixed an issue interacting with Prata in Circus Minor.
  • Cypher Adept/Power Source checks for more kinds of permanent stat increases.
  • Fixed an issue with the stairs leading to Circus Minor from the Reef of Fallen Worlds which could cause the player to get stuck.
  • Improvements to scene transitions – players can now walk directly between most scenes without needing to use the transition point.
  • Updated the Ascension Cavern Interior so the new examinable for the energy field turns off when the field is disabled.
  • Switched remaining uses of Evasion and Willpower skills to straight Evasion/Will bonuses.
  • Fixed bug where Anamnesis info wasn’t updating player responses.
  • Fixed issue where Murden sentries in Old Slave Block were not added properly in combat.
  • Adjusted timing and frequency on party banters and voice barks.
  • Fixed illustrations for the end of the Oasis Mere.
  • Fixed Nycthemeron Blinded effect duration.
  • Better handling for dying in the Ascension.
  • Fix Bloom doors not opening and closing properly.
  • Voice reactions can now occur during conversations.
  • Party members will no longer banter while the player is dead.
  • Fixed Bericael’s appearance so that her head will appear properly.
  • Added option for the player to summon reflections to help during the Daughter’s Fathom fight.
  • Reflections no longer save their stats when exiting the party.


  • Crisis HUD targeting improvements for abilities and items.
  • The Crisis HUD should now show ‘Unseen Enemy’ for unseen enemies only.
  • Fixed a few issues with the large and extra large text sizes causing text labels to disappear or overrun.
  • Improved control navigation during character advancement.
  • Fixed a color formatting issue with conversation options that featured icons.
  • Improvements to area of effect range indicators.
  • Improved interaction for looting dead bodies.
  • Added new loading screen tooltips.
  • Conversation window now centers its subject a bit better.
  • Enabled selection circles and name labels for hidden player characters.
  • Ensured that the camera tracks the player for abilities which require pathing.
  • Finishing a difficult task in a mere should no longer incorrectly advance the mere to the next page.
  • Improvements to quest and gameplay notification popups.
  • The Effort UI will now show effort bonus damage from additional sources.
  • Added a short fade in time on tooltips, barks, and examine text.
  • Improved intro movie quality.

As highlighted by players (including our reviewer), Torment: Tides of Numenera is suffering from some technical issues on PS4. In response, InXile Entertainment said, “We’re looking into these reports, thanks!”

You can learn more about Torment’s known issues over on Techland’s support site.

inXile adds that they don’t have any “specific plans” for PS4 Pro support yet, and keyboard support isn’t planned for consoles.

Did you pick up Torment?

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