Developing Resident Evil 7 Alongside Adding VR Felt Like Working on Two Games, Says Dev

Resident Evil 7 biohazard‘s virtual reality mode has been quite a success for Capcom. It earned a lot of praise from users and critics alike, with many noting that it’s the scariest VR experience out there. However, adding VR support came with its own set of unique challenges to Capcom and although the risk paid off, Lead VR Engineer Kazuhiro Takahara says that it sometimes felt like “working on two games” simultaneously.

In an interview published on Gamasutra, he revealed:

We ran into a variety of challenges: not being able to use prior development experience as a foundation, not being able to lean on still-camera cut-scenes, not being able to rely on old control scheme conventions. Because of this, ‘it feels like working on two games’ was a pretty common sentiment felt by the development staff.

Capcom then set up a dedicated VR team, members of which comprised of R&D staff who had “tinkered with VR technology” before. “We had to make a lot of modifications to the system programming and assets to work with both VR and non-VR,” explained Takahara.

That said, the studio is well pleased with the results, and found the idea of a VR version very appealing. According to Takahara, “The strongest appeal was offering the user a truly immersive experience directly playing through the eyes of the protagonist Ethan Winters.”

The full interview is an interesting read so make sure to follow the source link below.

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[Source: Gamasutra]