World of Final Fantasy Update 1.03 Coming Next Week, Patch Notes Revealed

Alongside the recently announced Balthier DLC from Final Fantasy XII, World of Final Fantasy players will be able to download the game’s next update (1.03) on Thursday, March 23, Square Enix has announced. Here are the patch notes courtesy of Gematsu:

  • Skip function for battle scenes added – Press the circle button to skip summons scenes such as Mega Mirage summons and Champion summons.
  • “Fast Forward” setting added to settings – Enable fast forward for battles and events through an input in the settings.
  • Battle response improvements – ATB bar fill conditions for standard encounters have improved, and you can input commands quicker than before.
  • “Sephiroth,” “Balthier,” and “Sora” added to battle BGM settings – If you have their corresponding Champion Medals, you’ll be able to choose their battle BGMs.
  • “Random” added to battle BGM.
  • HP and AP recovers at gates, save points, and when each chapter saves.

Square Enix also offered us a look at Balthier in World of Final Fantasy, which you can check out above.

[Source: Gematsu]