Report: Leaked Destiny 2 Poster Points to September 8 Release Date, Beta

According to a leaked poster, Destiny 2 is releasing on September 8. It also appears as though there will be a beta on PlayStation 4 prior to launch, likely in June.

Apparently leaked from GameStop Italy, and posted on Italian website Lega Network (via NeoGAF), the poster doesn’t include much more information about Destiny 2, though it does feature the PlayStation logo, suggesting that the Sony/Destiny partnership will continue.

Following the leak of the poster, Eurogamer said they’ve heard that the beta will take place in June. Additionally, their sources have indicated that the poster is legitimate. Kotaku, meanwhile, has heard that Destiny 2 will be officially announced today, and it’s also coming to PC, in addition to consoles.

Last we heard from Activision and Bungie is that Destiny 2 releases in fall 2017, and your power, possessions, Eververse-related items, and currency from the first game won’t transfer over to the sequel.

The final live event for the first Destiny, Age of Triumph, is set to begin on March 28.

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